False Accusations Gone Wild

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Re: False Accusations Gone Wild

Postby MojaveMike » Sat Sep 16, 2023 5:43 am

Russell Brand denies 'serious criminal allegations' he claims will be made against him
He admits that he was promiscuous, but insists that all sexual activity was consensual. The reality is that false allegations are quite common and he's finding out the hard way.
drdesert wrote:
desertrat wrote:dzrtdwg: That's a good analysis of the facts and it shows how statistics can be twisted around by people with an agenda. What we know is that at least ten percent of rape accusations are true, but as for the other ninety percent, they might all be false. We know that probably at least ten percent are definitely false, but the other eighty percent are impossible to prove as true. That's a lot of uncertainty and most people don't like uncertainty, but that's the nature of reality as I see it.

Unless an assault is reported in a timely manner and unless there is physical evidence that it actually occurred, I'd be rather skeptical. I would not be even slightly surprised if 80% of accusations are false, but it's probably somewhere between 40% and 60%.

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Re: False Accusations Gone Wild

Postby MAGA » Tue Sep 19, 2023 6:31 am

Scepticism over sexual assault allegations against Russell Brand
Anyone caught lying about rape or molestation should face life without parole behind bars, see how quick the false accusations disappear. Some will still be bold and brazen enough to try to get away with a false allegation, but there will be more accountability.
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Re: False Accusations Gone Wild

Postby recluse » Wed Sep 20, 2023 8:06 pm

"Reminds me of Andrew Tate" - Is the Establishment Targeting Russell Brand for Speaking Out?
It’s getting to the point where publicly accusing someone of a crime like this should itself be a crime. It might reduce genuine claims of assault too which isn’t optimal, but these false accusations are blatant slander and the accused will always suffer either emotionally or professionally during and afterwards.
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Re: False Accusations Gone Wild

Postby desertrat » Sat Sep 23, 2023 9:12 am

The Truth About Brand
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Re: False Accusations Gone Wild

Postby BoraxBill » Mon Sep 25, 2023 6:43 am

Former Yale student acquitted in rape case speaks out
What happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty? If a person is cancelled prior to due process, that individual should be able to sue for damages even if found guilty later.
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