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Re: Cactus

Postby torn80 » Sat May 14, 2022 6:07 am

CrustyOldFart wrote:Saguaros, other cacti at risk of extinction according to UArizona study
Bad news about the climate and it's really bad for the saguaros!

I'm sure there is a possibility that the areas inhabited by the saguaros might change more rapidly than is normally the case, but complete extinction seems unlikely. Although it's possible that the area inhabited by saguaros might diminish, it's also possible that it could expand, depending on the particulars of how weather patterns transform in the future and I'm sure no one really knows how that will go.
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Re: Cactus

Postby twister » Wed Aug 03, 2022 6:08 am

Here's the reason its called a Mexican fence post cactus
It's like a living fence! :pac:
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