UFOs and Aliens

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Re: UFOs and Aliens

Postby ziggy » Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:16 pm

CIA Agent Area 51 Insider Tells It All: How To Raid It, Weak Points & Where Look For UFOs & Aliens
This guy is weird and he has a lot to say about Trona:
But you will locate the station with two underground tunnels with electrical trains one leads to Trona Death Valley and Sierra Nevada in California - the other all the way to Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado. From my intelligence all alien stuff was moved to Trona underground base. I already visited Trona and you shall see the video of what I discovered there on September 1st.

And there's more! :alien:
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Re: UFOs and Aliens

Postby sandman » Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:42 am

Definitely thre's a lot of mystery about what goes on the base. Not saying I believe any of the rumors, but there are some pretty crazy ones. Right now with all the problems on the base, any secret facilities might be inoperable and any underground facilities were probably demolished. What I want to know is if there are any missing personnel that they're not telling us about.
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Re: UFOs and Aliens

Postby deathvalleyjake » Sun Sep 08, 2019 7:12 am

The Roswell Incident
This makes perfect sense and it's a good illustration of how moral panics and conspiracy theories get started.
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Re: UFOs and Aliens

Postby defcon » Thu Sep 19, 2019 6:17 am

deathvalleyjake: It seems unlikely that intelligent life from another planet has made contact with officials of any country on the planet. For that matter, it's probably not the case that space aliens have even ever visited our planet. It's likely that there is biological life on a small percentage of planets in the universe and that some have developed advanced forms of intelligence, but not highly probably that any have developed technology to enable reliable long distance space travel. But it is remotely possible!
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Re: UFOs and Aliens

Postby dzrtdwg » Sat Sep 21, 2019 6:17 am

Fox News checks in with 'Raid Area 51' participants in Nevada
It sounds more like a big alien-themed party in the desert than anything seriously subversive.
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